Built by the community for the community..

The Bowls Club was established in 1944, during WWII as a community focal point for returned servicemen and servicewomen to help their recovery from the hardships endured during the war. It opened with its new Green in 1945. 

The initiative for the formation of the Club was Alderman Ernest Lanham who left his name on a number of public infrastructures - including Evelyn and Myrtle Streets named after his daughters who were also members of the club. The Green and original clubhouse were built by volunteer labour. Our second Green was built in 1948 and our third in 1979. Throughout the seventy four years of the club's existence, the property, grounds and clubhouse have undergone many improvements, solely through the voluntary work of our members. We still rely on our MEMBERS and VOLUNTEERS to keep our club alive today! 

In its' "heyday" in the early 1980's, the men's club had over 300 members and the ladies had over 150 members. Lawn Bowls was played every day of the week, except Mondays, with all three Greens filled with players. 

In 2009, the club formed the integrated Grange Bowls and Community Club Inc to include bowling club members and members of the Grange community.  We also took this opportunity to develop new programs, events and activities to engage with our local families in a range of family-based activities.


Our Mission

Our club has generated and continues to generate an important focus for local community groups and their activities. We pride ourselves on being an inviting community centre for the areas of Grange, Wilston, Windsor and surrounds. We always welcome new members, volunteers and anyone who wants to take advantage of and be a part of this amazing club.. 

“Fantastic Community club that I love going to. Great friendly people also go there and it is fantastic to catch up with them each week” — Robert Cooper


what we are proud of...


  • We support social activities and fund-raising opportunities for many organisations including HAND services for people with disabilities, the Leukaemia Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Association.
  • We welcome other groups to uses our Club for community, theatrical, family and social events.
  • Over the years, we have successfully been awarded community grants to update the building, including new lights for the green.  
  • We are proud to be an iconic community club open to everyone in our neighbourhood.  
  • We are a close friendly group and it is within these grounds, lifelong friendships are made.